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  • This is a wonderful concept to enjoy a happy independent retired life for yourself and your spouse.
  • Objective of this proposal is to provide financial security to your family.
  • Provides a high risk cover which increases automatically with time.
  • No premiums have to be paid from your own income when you starts receiving pension.
  • Surrender and Loan facility is also available after 3 years.
  • Double tax benefit of section 80 C & 10 (10 D).
  • This combo gives high risk cover along with high tax free maturity.

    An Illustration: An example for a person aged 35 years at the Basic Sum Assured (BSA) of 13 Lacs with a yearly premium budget of ₹ 50,000 only.

    Age at which pension is receivablePension amount receivable ₹
    58 Years1,80,000
    59 Years1,98,000
    60 Years2,17,000
    61 Years2,36,000
    62 Years2,55,000
    63 Years2,75,000
    64 Years2,95,000
    65 Years3,17,000
    66 Years3,45,000
    67 Years3,73,000
    68 Years4,07,000
    69 Years4,30,000
    70 Years4,53,000
    Total Premium Paid: ₹11,40,000Total Pension Received: ₹40,00,000

    Disclaimer: “Retire & Enjoy” is a concept name only and it’s not a direct product of LIC, this is a combination of Plans and the Plans used for this combination are of LIC of INDIA.